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Prospective buyers must make their own efforts to verify the information on the business listing provided and consult with the appropriate experts as part of the Buyer's due diligence process.

The Agent received this information from the Vendor and the Agent has never performed any verification nor audit on it. Do not rely ONLY on data given by the Vendors or their representatives.
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This website is own and operated by PPROSPER Business & Property Brokers ("us", "we" or "our").By accessing this website, you are agreeing to the following terms:
  • All information related to the business has been provided by the Vendor and/or the Vendor’s accountant or advisers. It may include unaudited materials such as financial statements, contract, taxation documents, etc. We take all information from the Vendor 'as is'. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information since we do not perform any verification or audit. We are a business agent and we do not have the capacity, expertise, or even the permit to perform such task. Prospective Buyers must utilise their own efforts to verify the accuracy and completeness of information given including to consult with the appropriate experts.
  • All other information provided on this website is for the purpose of general reference only. It is intended to give some idea for those who have not involved in buying and selling business before. We never take your personal situation and condition into consideration. It does not represent our professional opinion or advise. You should consult with the appropriate experts before making any buying decision.
  • In the instance, the Prospective Buyer decides to buy a business the Agent has introduced to him or her, the Prospective Buyer agrees to buy the business through the Agent. The Prospective Buyer will not affect in any way the commission paid to the Agent. The Prospective Buyer also agrees to pay a deposit into the Agent Trust Account.
  • Shall the Prospective Buyer buys a business that the Agent has introduced to him or her without using the Agent, the Prospective Purchaser agrees to pay the Agent full commission otherwise paid by the Vendor.
  • We have the right to change this Terms of services anytime without giving any notices to the users. You must periodically review this Terms of services yourself to see any changes.